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Spinning Workout Class with BodyDizign


Spinning is an indoor cycling training program adaptable to our client's wide variety of abilities and fitness goals. Each of our instructor's have tailored their own program to deliver a personalized workout to achieve maximum burn and personal challenge. Because of our small classes you will get a more enticing, exciting class that will keep you coming back. We utilize Schwinn accepting SPD and LOOK clips or athletic shoes.

TRX Workout Class with BodyDizign


TRX are suspended straps where you utilize your body weight for a variety of different exercises for legs, core and upper body. They were created by the Navy Seals and are currently used by top trainers and athletes. It is functional training for all body types and condition. Your body is your machine with TRX. All core all the time.

BootCamp Workout Class with BodyDizign


Bodydizign bootcamps are unlike others. It is athletically based, not military style. The drills and exercises are consistently changing to create challenges for all fitness levels. Classes within the week are never the same on a given day. Each class will include cardio, abs and core, and upper body exercises, to ensure an all body workout.

Kickboxing Workout Class with BodyDizign


A high-energy class that encompasses cardio with weights, bag work, and abs & core. This class is challenging yet accommodating to the beginner, but is also an amazing workout to the seasoned kickboxing regular. The format is varied week by week so that you will achieve a different workout each time. After you leave, you'll be looking forward to the next class.

Xtreme Sculpting Workout Service with BodyDizign

Xtreme Sculpt

This class is a full body toning and sculpting workout using lightweights and high repetitions. Geared for all ability levels, expect to feel the "burn" all over.

Power Abs Workout Class with BodyDizign

Power abs

This specialty class is specifically devoted on working out your abdominals and core strengthening. Multiple exercises are utilized to achieve this.

Private Training Classes with BodyDizign

Private Training

A one-on-one or couples session for personalized training. Personalized training workouts are tailored for each individual client.

Studio Rental in Newbury Park California with BodyDizign

Studio Rental

Other professional trainers, clubs or organizations can rent out the facility. Contact us for more information.

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