BodyDizign Instructors

All Bodydizign trainers hold degrees, certifications and real-world fitness training experience. They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at helping people succeed in establishing and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

BodyDizign Herb Dizon

Herb Dizon

I grew up in the Conejo Valley and have always loved fitness and a variety of sports. I live in Newbury Park with my wife of 25 years and high school sweetheart, Kim. We have 2 grown children, Jordan 21 and Josh 23. I enjoy a variety of sports such as wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding and motor cross to name a few, and love to stay fit. After playing high school football, my love for the sport continued as I coached Youth football and basketball for my son's team for over 10 years. Now that my kids are grown, I found that I missed coaching so much that I decided to continue with my passion and open Bodydizign. I am a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM, with an additional certificate as a Performance Enhancement Specialist and SPIN certified. I have also been EMT certified in the state of California. I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years with a huge focus in youth athletics. I also specialize in Hypertrophy training for those individuals and athletes looking to gain muscle mass and definition. My training sessions are full of variety, keeping you challenged and always progressing.

BodyDizign Lara Lindquist

Lara Lindquist

Lara Lindquist is an expert Fitness Specialist, with over 10 years teaching experience specializing in personal training, nutrition counseling and meal planning, group fitness, group cycle, and bootcamp. Certifications NASM, Fitour Group and Cycle , Mad Dogg and also in Nutrition Counseling. Lara is known for her positive, supportive teaching style, and for valuing each individual's goals. Her energy is contagious, and she has a unique talent for motivating her students! Lara has taught at Gold's Gym, Lara K Fitness Bootcamp, M6, Four Seasons, and DePaz Cardio Studio.

BodyDizign  Albert Cornel

Albert Cornel

Albert has had extensive martial arts background and his passion for fitness has enabled him to be a proponent that health is wealth. He has been teaching cardiofit boxing for many years at different venues in the Ventura County particularly in Newbury Park. His classes have been desired by people of different ages whether they have had fitness experiences or not. He makes the classes fun, interesting and varies the format of the classes so that you do not expect the same workout every time you attend his classes. He makes everyone welcome and makes sure that everyone leaves each class accomplished and wanting to come back for more. On a side note Albert is an active member of the community and volunteers in any way he can to help others.

Cardiofit Boxing is an ultimate workout that tones and/or builds muscle and core strength, and learn kickboxing techniques. It involves isometric exercises, plyometrics, cardio, strength training, stretching, and several other total body fitness regimens to mold you into optimal shape.

BodyDizign Cheryl Wu-Hall

Cheryl Wu-Hall

I have always been a fitness fanatic. Certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America in 2006, I am licensed to teach Zumba®, Zumbatomic®, Zumba Toning®, Zumba Sentao®, and certified by Les Mills® Bodypump, TurboKick® and an array of other formats like Indoor Cycling, Step Aerobics, & Water Aerobics, and various strength and resistance formats including Bootcamp. I am also a licensed Zumba® Jammer who specializes in providing new choreography for Zumba® Instructors to integrate into their current classes. Currently, I am featured in the newest Zumba® Core Commercial for Wii & Xbox. I am so honored and grateful for all the opportunities fitness has given me including the chance to be a part of Herb's newest venture.

BodyDizign Diane Resendez

Diane Resendez

Diane moved to Newbury Park after living her first 27 years in the San Fernando Valley. She married and raised 2 daughters, now 19 and 22 years of age. Diane has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years. She started her career in fitness not only to stay healthy, but to help and encourage others as well! As her children grew she was looking for something to do with her free time. She turned to teaching and it was one of the best decisions she ever made. Channeling her enthusiasm for staying fit and healthy into challenging and motivating her clients. An instructor in both Sculpting and Abs as well as Indoor Cycling she became certified in TRX instruction after falling in love with it. "I am in the best shape of my life right now, especially after starting TRX! I walk taller, have improved posture, and I am no longer plagued by recurring back issues that I've had most of my life! I hope to continue to teach as long as my body lets me!"

BodyDizign Shannon Harris

Shannon Harris

I have always loved working out. I have participated in everything from Yoga to Pilates to Bootcamps to Hard Core Cardio classes. I love trying new things and it wasn't until Herb introduced TRX to me that I wanted to learn more about it. I am now a certified TRX Suspension Trainer.

BodyDizign Michelle Hoyt-Baim

Michelle Hoyt-Baim

Fitness is truly my passion, for myself and teaching others. I have been an AFAA CPT since 2001 and have worked with private clients as well as gyms. I also owned and taught stroller Strides for 3 years. I love being a Personal Trainer and fitness instructor! There is nothing else I would rather do. I strongly feel that health and fitness is a key to a happy life. Fitness also provides confidence and self-esteem to get us through our lives. My goal is to inspire my clients to learn this through fitness.

BodyDizign Woman Doing Pushups