BodyDizign Client Testimonials


Body Dizign deserves all the support and dedication we, members and instructors, can possibly offer. I came to Herb, out of shape, morbidly obese, unhappy, and unmotivated. Upon entering the doors and meeting the wonderful people inside, I felt like there was finally some hope. I wasn't judged or ignored. I was encouraged and given special attention based on my abilities. As my strength grew, Herb identified my limitations and motivated me to push past them. I was constantly cheered on by my peers, and praised by my instructors. This uplifted my spirits, changed my mood, and I found myself happy for the first time in years. These people, whom I consider not only peers or friends, but family, gave me the emotional and physical strength to take my health and fitness from a necessity, to a desire, to a passion and finally, into a career. I cannot praise Herb Dizon and all the people at Body Dizign enough to do them justice. Body Dizign not only transformed my body, (size 20 to 8 and counting), but my emotional well being as well. My family is happier because I am happier. You've enriched my life, and I can never repay you for the new life you've given me. Love to you all!

- Termeh Azim


Wow! Even after working with these top professionals for the past 2 years I am still surprised! These trainers love what they do; there is something for everyone. From private training sessons to outdoor bootcamp to get your heart pumping you will find something that suits your style. If it's hard to stay motivated in a crowded big box gym and you can't justify the high cost of a private trainer this place is for YOU! They offer all levels of excercise in an exclusive, high energy, positive environment...Trust me I lost over 60 lbs and I still LOVE IT!

- Kimberly Carr

Herb is an amazing trainer! He works you hard, yet allows you to work at your own pace. The smaller classes are a huge benefit, as he can keep an eye on your form, and make sure you are doing the moves correctly. No matter how tired and worn to a frazzle you are, you always end up saying "Thank You Herb" at the end of a class!

- Kathy Houlehan

Body Dizign is not your regular 'gym', which I really appreciate. It's based on a 'class' structure, and all of the trainers are awesome and know what they are doing. There is NO intimidation by anyone at the gym, and everybody that goes to the classes are very warm and welcoming. I get a great workout every time I go, and feel the burn for a few days afterwards. Great rates, for the personal attention that everybody gets from Herb and his team!

- Malisa Vandevort

Herb, and the amazing trainers at Bodydizign are all you need to reach your full fitness potential. Any goal, any body type, any strength, any weakness... Bodydizign has something for everyone! Each fun, friendly, educated, and motivated trainer has their own personal style, which makes EVERY class an adventure! We all are interconnected by our drive, and friendship, and it sure makes for a fun, kick butt experience everytime! I have finally found the "perfect fit" to reach my fitness goals, and I KNOW you will too!

- Addie Majesky

I never enjoyed going to a gym until I found bodydizign. Their small classes feels almost like one on one training with out the one on one price. It's a great group of people who are a part of the gym. We all seem to motivate each other & if I think I am going to sleep in I remember there is a group of peeps who will wonder where I am. It makes me accountable. Which at the big box gyms, which I've tried them all, I use every excuse in the book & I never went! Herb the Boot Camp trainer is amazing! He pushes but only as far as he knows you can handle it! Herb also always seems to throw new things in the mix to keep working out interesting & fun! I've never been "hooked" but I am now!! Thank you Herb & the crew at Bodydizign!

- Arielle Moss

BodyDizign Man Doing Situps